Elegant design and professional hospitality come together to provide a relaxing stay.

Just next to Akita Station, Hotel Metropolitan Akita boasts the ideal location.
Incorporating concepts that showcase the natural charm of Akita, hotel facilities, amenities and design aim to ensure a comfortable stay and unforgettable memories to create an elegant and relaxing environment.

Delicious food that showcases the natural charm of Akita

Hospitality at Hotel Metropolitan Akita

Akita is a city steeped in history, culture and modern charm.

With the Dewa mountain ranges, home to the sacred Ohira Mountain to the east and stunning night views of the Sea of Japan fanning out to the west, Akita is blessed with a beautiful natural environment surrounded by mountains and the sea.
Akita is home to a large number of charming attractions, including traditional festivals that herald each coming season and local cuisine that delights visitors to the area.


Modern guest rooms incorporating concepts that showcase the natural charm of Akita.

Modern guest rooms with an original flavor incorporating design concepts to conjure up a sense of nostalgia, including curtains designed on the Akita butterbur and other local art and craft.

Situated in an ideal location directly connected to Akita Station, Hotel Metropolitan Akita guarantees total relaxation so that your stay in Akita is a memorable one.

Stay Plans

Japanese Hospitality

To ensure that our guests enjoy a comfortable, restful stay,
the staff of the Hotel Metropolitan Akita welcome our guests
with sincere hospitality throughout the hotel.
We believe that guest satisfaction is achieved through
the accumulation of many small considerate acts.
Brimming with the spirit of hospitality, our staff await our guests,
ready to offer comprehensive service at all times.

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